​Professional and flexible
childcare at home

  • Professional childcare at home
  • Flexible, whenever you need it
  • Suited to your needs, so your family life runs smoothly
  • Highly trained Nannies with up-to-date knowledge and skills
  • Thorough selection process
  • More affordable than you'd think
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​Experiencing stressfull times while stuck in traffic because your baby’s daycare centre closes at six? Only to realize that leaves you about five minutes to rush over to your oldest’s out-of-school centre at the other end of town? And then there’s preparing a healthy dinner and sitting down for a family meal… For working parents, efficiently organizing family life is almost a second job.

Nannywereld now offers you the extra hand you need to help manage your busy life. Our professional Nannies provide you with reliable and flexible care at home. Besides taking excellent care of your child(ren) our Nannies also help you out with household chores. A new service to make your life easier. And it’s much more affordable than most people think.


I like being active and ask the kids what they want to do. Being flexible is important


I am really a part of the family. Besides taking care of the kids, I make sure that the household continues to run


​Child care at home

There is a distinct difference between a Nanny from Nannywereld and an au pair or host parent. We guarantee you a highly skilled child care professional with verifiable quality, knowledge and experience. We screen our Nannies thoroughly, and make sure they have the right training and experience. We also employ a pedagogue if there is a need for assistance in this area.

The Nanny will look after them in their own familiar environment, get them up and ready for school (and hockey practice or music lessons) and lend a hand around the house. For example, the Nanny will make sure that dinner is ready when you get home. The Nanny will even get some grocery shopping or ironing done, all to create more peace and stability for your family. And since there’s always a trusted person there to tend to your little ones, you’ll no longer have to hurry home from work.

How many hours and which days your Nanny will work for you is entirely up to you. Whether it’s during the week, in the weekend, before school or in the evenings, it can all be arranged. And if your Nanny falls ill or if you need extra (holiday) care, we’ll come up with a suitable solution together.

Professional Nannies

All Nannies go through an extensive selection and screening process. They have the right qualifications, an HBO-level of work and intellectual ability, and of course they have experience in taking care of children. They have chosen for Nanny World because they enjoy working with children, as well as like to support them in their developments in life. Together, you will agree on what it is that you find important in your child’s development so your Nanny knows what to focus on in particular.

The selection process consists of:

  • Telephone intake 
  • Extensive personal interview 
  • Reference check (at least 2 references) 
  • Check proper qualifications (education and first aid for children) 
  • Request Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG) 
  • Survey report of the City of The Hague 

How to apply for a Nanny at Nannywereld?

After a face-to-face intake, Nannywereld will select several Nannies that meet your specific requirements. After meeting each of the potential candidates in person, you will decide which one is the best match for your family. We believe it is of great importance to have an interview with a Nanny in your home, when your children are present as well. It is crucial that a Nanny and children click. A Nanny will work for you according to the regulation of ‘Services at Home’ of the national government. This means they can offer you day-care for a maximum of three days . If you would need a Nanny more frequently, we could arrange for a second Nanny as well.

How to arrange child care at home?


Step 1: interview

Together we will create a profile of a Nanny who would fit your needs.

The interview will take place at your home.

Step 2: choosing a Nanny

After signing the order contract we will introduce you to at least two Nannies who fit your profile.

​Step 3: screening

The Nannies go through an extensive selection and screening process.

​Step 4: register

​The Nanny will be registered at your address in the National Register of Day Care, in this way you can claim childcare allowance.

Step ​5: completion

We provide the administrative and financial handling of the entire process and ensure the agreement between you and the Nanny.

​Rates: more affordable

than you think

​A Nanny isn’t as expensive as you might think. In most cases, the costs compare to the costs for day care. When your family consists of 3 or more children, a Nanny is even more economical than day-care. The costs you have to think of are mediation costs, the registration at the National Register of Day Care, the office costs and the hourly rate of the Nanny. We would be more than willing to make a calculation of these costs according to your personal situation.

It is also possible to get compensated for a large part of the costs through childcare allowance. You need to register at the National Register of Day Care first. After your registration, childcare can commence in your home. We will provide the administrative and financial handling of the entire process and ensure the agreement between you and the Nanny.

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Want to become a Nanny?

​We are always looking for new Nannies. Do you have a HBO-level of work and intellectual ability, are you qualified for the job at level-3 and do you have 3 years of verifiable experience in the field of day-care and children who are growing up? Would you like to work for an organization that offers you courses to develop yourself even more within your profession and has a pedagogue stand-by to support you? Then send us a message through the contact form, or an e-mail that includes a motivational letter and your résumé.

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